Shop area

A shop area is waiting for you at the tourist offices in Bussang, St Maurice, Le Thillot and Le Ménil.
You will find everything to organize your sports activities, bring back souvenirs created by our local craftsmen for young and old, write your holiday postcards,... and many other things!
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Discover the secret life of butterflies and the magnificent landscapes of the Vosges Massif as amateur videographers with a passion for butterflies go on walks.....

90-minute film: €17.90

To find out more and see an extract from the film :

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Our shop area is here to help you to organize your sports activities :


Discover our new topo-rando,in french!

Created in partnership with the 3 local Vosges Hiking clubs!
12 individual sheets, each with a long and a short track of the hiking route.
At least one start in each commune of our valley.

IGN hicking maps: €13.40

editions 3619 / 3520 / 3620 / 3620 / 3618 / 3519 / 3520SB

To organize your hickes on Bussang's sectory and around, you don't need to buy several maps any more !!!!Especially created for you and only available at the tourist office in Bussang  

Personalised IGN hicking map around Bussang : € 17.00

30 Beautiful Walks: €18.90

published by the Parc Régional des Ballons for these 30 years

Rother Guide, Vosges edition :  €16.50

51 hiking routes through the Vosges Massif

Cyclo Topo: €10.00

20 cycling routes, published by the SIVU (local tourism organization)

NEW! IGN-Cycling Map : € 8.95

Mountainbike and cycling routes on the all area Hautes-Vosges on a same map!

Top' Climbing: €28.00

guide of the climbing sites in the south part of the Vosges Massif

IGN SIVU map: €9.80

outdoor multi-activity map published by the SIVU (local tourism organization)


A large part of the shop is dedicated to children, but not only.....items created by local craftsmen as well as youth editions  will delight young and old alike!

Large wooden puzzle: from €26.00 to €29.00, depending on model

Wooden "Cow" puzzle: €15.00

Small wooden puzzle: €10.00

Climbing wooden frog: €14.00

Wooden key ring: €4.00

"Quelle Histoire" editions  

Little Explorer: €9.90

This 88-page Michelin guide is intended for families and children. Through stories, games and anecdotes, the child becomes the explorer who introduces the whole family to the Vosges department. He becomes the hero of the visit and the adventure!

Mission Vosges: €6.90

Your child explores the towns and villages of the department of the Vosges by following this 15-step treasure hunt. This booklet contains activities and anecdotes to animate the tour. With the differents challenges of the map , he will find out the secret code of the mission......

Ideal for children from 7 to 11 years old who are able to read French





Our famous candies from the Vosges are also available in our shop and will delight young and old alike

Metal souvenir boxes from the Confiserie Bressaude: €3.50 (100g)

Flavour: Vosges freshness, Fir tree buds, Eucalyptus, Violet or local Fruits

Metal souvenir boxes from the Confiserie des Hautes Vosges: €3.10 (70g)

Flavour : Fire tree honey, blue berry, mirabelle plum or red poppy

Gift box with a Mug  and 40 pods of candy shards, Confiserie des Hautes-Vosges : €11.60




Exclusive at the Bussang Tourist Office!

Antonio Gacia has created a visual especially for you with Bussang's must see. This one is available in the form of a poster in two sizes and as a postcard.

Poster A3: €20.00

A4 poster: €12.00

Postcard: €1.50


You will also find a creation of the tourism office with a famous advise poster, reminiscent of the time of thermalism in Bussang :

Thermalism tumbler: €2.00

Thermalism Poster A3: €5.00

In the shop you will also find:

a serie of watercolour cards, postcards, postage-paid envelopes, Bussang's self-adhesive coat of arms, and many other items.......

Our booking centre is also there to help you to organize your stay, by offering you:

- hollidays in chalets, apartments or houses throughout the Moselle Valley, by the week or for a short stay
- packages, including accommodation and summer/winter activities
- guided outings on the Rando-ferrata or for canyoning
- the rental of electrically assisted ATVs
- wellness sessions
- saling of fishing licenses in ponds and rivers