The Cascade des Charbonniers

is located in the direction of the Rouge Gazon, by following the Rue des Charbonniers. Not far from the Vieille Colonie group accommodation.


The Cascade de l’Ours

is located at an altitude of 850 m, on the heights of Bussang, not far from the Roche de l’Ours (rock climbing wall).



The Cascade of Morbieux

is located between Ramonchamp and the Col de Morbieux.
In the centre of Ramonchamp, take the direction «Auberge de Morbieux», the small waterfall is 100 m after the old Auberge.



The Saut du Loup

It is located on the commune of Rupt-sur-Moselle at the place called "Le Chêne".
To get there take the direction of Rupt-sur-Moselle at the roundabout of Ferdrupt, and a few meters later, on your right take the direction Fauconey until a blue bridge.

On this road take to the left the «le chemin de la Venny» and go up along the house, the one in front of number 27, until the road marked by a red circle which is on your right.
You will go under the road and continue to the sign indicating “Saut du loup à 40 m”.



We have several other waterfalls in our region.


To discover them, download the brochure by clicking on the link below!