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Help us to preserve our wonderful Massif des Vosges so that future generations will still be allowed to discover its splendours!!!!

Adopt the "Quiétude Attitude"

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The Natural Regional Park initiates a vast programm called “Quiétude Attitude”. So what about "Quiétude Attitude" : it helps us to maintain peace and quiet for wildlife during our mountain outings.

Its purpose is to make the location of sensitive areas known as widely as possible and to promote a set of good habits to be adopted in the natural environment to maintain the peace and quiet necessary to wildlife survival.

The Quiétude Attitude programme has been designed to make as many people as possible aware of the location of the designated “quiet areas”.

Wild animals are naturally afraid of humans and try to avoid them as much as possible. However, animals are unable to anticipate situations. An unexpected events can surprise them, triggering stress for the animal, which often flees.


Adopt those 5 good habits and help protect wildlife!

The Regional Park invites you to visit its website for more information on this action: